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Where water is lost?

May 21, 2009

Agriculture uses most of our fresh water sources in the world. In domestic water usage, most of that water is recaptured, recycled and reused. So how to we make our agricultural use of water more efficient? This is the question.

One way is dealing with what we call the “reservoir capacity” of the soil. That is the moisture holding capacity associated with that soil in that location.

Many factors make up the holding capacity of soil. Sand has very little holding capacity, however in sand, toxins of the soil do not aggregate very rapidly. In clay soil, there is tremendous moisture holding capacity. However in some clay soils, the soil expands and eventually eliminates the percolation rate of the soil and waterlogs the soil. What do we do to adjust the soil to create the maximum effective growing area with the minimum amount of water? I have one of the answers. See you tomorrow.